sh*t has never

smelt this good!

a stronger, greener and better deodorizer for your black tank.

leave the stink behind!

Enough with this sh*t plus.

100% biodegradable with bacteria and enzymes.

Say hello to a fresh smelling tank! Whether you travel by camper, RV or caravan. Enough with this Sh*t Plus (EWTS Plus) promises to be tough on the stink, but gentle on nature.

EWTS Plus is an Eco-friendly sachet deodorizer and waste liquefier made specifically for black water tanks. It contains top quality dyes and fragrances to keep the odors at bay, and help keep your tank looking clean.

Oh and it is powerful! Just one sachet is more than enough to treat your tank size, from 6 liters to over 80. A custom solution of bacteria and enzymes packaged in a simple to use sachet, EWTS Plus breaks down sludge and grime, leaving your tank clean, and keeping your travels from the beach to the mountains smelling like a breeze.

enviormentally friendly

Using bacteria and enzymes.

Extra Strong

Up to a week free of pesky odors.

Great for Summer

Even more efficient in hot temperatures.


Convenient and versatile

Just one sachet treats from 6 liters to over 80! No spills, no mess.

The way of the sachet.

Cleaning your waste tank is hard. let's make it easier.

Sachets offer all the benefits of liquid deodorizers, but in a much more convenient and versatile package. Perfume, liquifier, and dye all combined in one! Made to work for a variety of black water tanks of varying sizes, one sachet of EWTS PLus can treat black water tanks of smaller campers or vans, all the way up to large RV systems.

Ewts Plus Sachets can be used in:

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Learn about us.

Why Enough with this Sh*t anyhow? Firstly, it is our bold, and cheeky take on the unglamorous, dirty and frankly very stinky part of life. Someone has to deal with it and we do it with gusto.

But, beyond just the product, Enough with this Sh*t is our proclamation of us taking a stand and saying: Enough to products that harm our environment! Enough to the wasteful packaging that dirties up the world! Enough to mediocre products and customer service, and for the final enough, giving Enough back to make a difference.*

*We’ll be revealing more information about our plan of giving back shortly. Stay turned to this space for more information.

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