ewts plus

Biodegradable sachet deodorizer and waste liquifier for black water tanks.

Product information


ENOUGH WITH THIS SH*T PLUS is stronger and greener than ever! A blend of custom selected bacteria and special enzymes work together to break down waste and tissue in a eco-friendly and natural way. This keeps your tank walls and probes grime free, helps to eliminate piling and ensures easier dumping with little to no debris.

100% biodegradable and without harsh chemicals helps reduces environmental contamination.


No more over or under measuring, and spills! One pre-measured sachet is enough. Simple to use it dissolves rapidly upon contact with water letting the enzymes and bacteria get straight to work removing build-up on tank walls, hoses, pumps, and probes.


During summer months, the heat causes the bacteria and enzymes to multiply even more rapidly increasing their efficiency. Even after emptying your tank,  residue of these bacteria and enzymes will remain allowing quicker results with continual usage.


Using top quality sanitation dye and perfume we make sure your tank is stain free and smelling fresh and it’s done so in a package that it is now even more environmentally responsible. Safe for all tank parts; enjoy odor free bathrooms for up to seven days, with each sachet treating over 80lt tanks. No need to worry anymore about foul smells and scrubbing hard to clean your tank.

enviormentally friendly

Using bacteria and enzymes.

Extra Strong

Up to a week free of pesky odors.

Great for Summer

Even more efficient in hot temperatures.


Convenient and versatile

Just one sachet treats from 6 liters to over 80! No spills, no mess.


no measuring! no mess!

For the first use of EWTS PLUS rinse out your black water waste tank thoroughly with just water, taking special care to remove all residue of previous chemicals. After your tank has been thoroughly rinsed, drop one sachet* into the tank. Add just enough water to your tank to cover the sachet and let it dissolve.  Empty your black water tank when full. That’s it!

On successive uses of EWTS Plus, after you’ve emptied your tank, give the tank a light rinse with water and repeat the process.

*Do not open the sachet!

Each sachet is measured for one dose and should not be opened.

Ewts Plus Sachets can be used in:​
Camper & RV


using only water Rinse out your tank to get rid of the old chemicals.


drop sachet in tank.


add water, just enough to dissolve the sachet.


pop open a beer. you deserve it!


empty tank when full. that is all.
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